Subscription Information

To subscribe to the print version of any AIAC journal, you are requested to download and complete the AIAC Subscription Order Form. All subscription orders should be submitted to the Subscription Department.

Payment Options
You must inform us about your preferred method of payment with subscription order form in order for the Subscription Department may provide you sufficient information of account.

No refunds will be made after the first issue of the journal for the year has been dispatched.

Change of Address
Please give four weeks’ notice of change of address, supplying both the old and new address details via e-mail.

Important to Know

  • The Australian Dollar (AUD$) prices quoted are definitive.
  • All subscription orders must be prepaid.
  • All subscription orders apply for the calendar year only.
If you face any difficulties in payment and/or ordering hardcopies, please contact AIAC Subscription Department for further assistance at: [email protected]