Scholarly Academic Journals

AIAC welcomes suggestions for new journals that can expand its publication range. If you wish to establish a new journal, please submit a brief proposal of no more than 1000 words to AIAC. The proposal will be evaluated and once it is accepted, AIAC will start its cooperation with you immediately on the new journal.

The proposal should provide the following information:

  1. The proposer’s name, position, affiliation, full contact information, and brief CV: The proposer will be considered the managing editor of the new journal. If proposers have someone else in mind as the managing editor, that individual’s name, position, affiliation, full contact information, and brief CV should also be stated.
  2. A concise description of the proposed journal: The description should include the proposed title of the journal (one or more possible titles), aims and scope (topics covered and not covered by the journal), type of papers to be published in the journal (such as review papers, research articles, tutorials, reports, case studies, research notes, etc.), expected contributors and intended readership (e.g., academic researchers, educators, policy makers, consultants, engineers, managers, etc.).
  3. Sample articles: You are expeted to provide a list of 5 to 10 related papers published in similar journals previously.
  4. Justification for the new journal: Please provide reasons as to why a new journal is required in the proposed area, and a brief description of the unique features that distinguish it from others. Please note that you may have to state how your proposed journal is going to be different from the present AIAC journals.
  5. Editor-in-chief: You are required to propose the name(s) one or more scholars as the editor-in-chief(s) of the new journal. Please submit attach their CVs to your submitted documents. Before proposing the name of your editor-in-chief, you should consult with the scholar to ensure they are willing to serve. AIAC journal editor-in-chiefs are senior experts in the respective area with a global reputation, ready to be seriously involved by devoting their time and efforts. As the chairperson of the editorial team, the editor-in-chief is in charge of the technical content and quality of the journal issues. The editor-in-chief is NOT in charge of the layout, production, subscription, copyright, pricing, or funding of the journal. Those responsibilities are accomplished by the managing editors that link their journals with AIAC.
  6. Editorial board members: You are also required to propose a list of the editorial board members who have already indicated their willingness to be a part of the editorial team. In the proposal, the area of expertise of every board member should be indicated next to their names. The editorial board members should come from a wide geographical area since the journal is to be international.
  7. Production and operation: Please state the publication frequency (issues per year), journal length (articles per issue), length of articles (words per article), and expected launch date. Please note that open access and blind review are two fundamental policies of AIAC journals. As an AIAC journal, your proposed journal must follow Publication Procedure of AIAC Journal Articles.
  8. Logo and Tagline: AIAC journals each have a logo and a tagline that should be attached to the proposal.
  9. Promotion and financial plans (Optional): These include subject matters like collaboration of the new journal with organizations and conferences (promotion plans) as well as financial matters such as publication fees (financial plans).
  • Note: Please make sure that your proposed journal is NOT in the area of any of the journals published by AIAC. To view the list of journals published by AIAC please AIAC Journals.

Submissions of Journal Proposals
In order to submit your journal proposal to AIAC, please contact us at: [email protected]