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AIAC PTY. LTD. Managerial Office Message

Thanks to extensive advancements in technology, today it definitely is a lot easier to research, teach and study compared with a few decades ago. Nowadays, a simple lab test can be done within minutes using machines. Not long ago, the same test could take endless hours for a researcher who had to try manual methods patiently and that without being sure of the accuracy of the output. Today in most classroom there is at least a computer which is often taken for granted. A few years ago, only in prestigious academic centres could one find an audio-visual lab, and using the facility was a dream for many teachers and students. Definitions of terms are only a click of a button away these days. Only two decades ago, one had to go to some main library or resource centre to look up a single word!

With all these advancements, one expects more quality research projects, more creative teaching methods, and more efficient learning. But where are they? It is, of course, not right to neglect the few exceptions, yet there are undoubtedly more low quality research reports than decent ones, more mediocre teachers than inspiring ones, and less enthused students than motivated ones. And all this does not really sound logical. When it is easier to do research, then it should be easier to have more high impact research findings, but what we often read is replicated studies that do nothing more than re-inventing a re-invented wheel. Unfortunately, most post-grad researches lack novelty. Supervisors favour straightforward objectives particularly in the case of state-sponsored scholarship which do not ask for anything more than a degree.

What is obviously and seriously lacking in academia today is the spirit of creativity and academician that are willing to take the road not taken. What abounds is the number of fruitless meetings which end up in more ISO forms to be filled by academicians who are encouraged to conform to the system. In a rather exaggerated sense, one may think a few years ago children were sent to school to learn to do more to earn a living, and yet today the common perception of education and academia is to learn to do less to earn more!

What academia definitely needs today is appreciation of daring to make mistakes by doing things differently. Academia is doomed to perish unless we seriously start seeing what future generations require to survive in an increasingly cut-throat, competitive world. To create this energy, we need centres that promote new ideas that can make a difference. AIAC has been established to address this need.

AIAC History

AIAC was officially established in October of 2012 in Australia with the aim of underlining the role of creativity in academia, science, and education. AIAC will hopefully build a brilliant history in near future as a well-established international academic centre and a pioneer in research projects and gatherings that will promote the spirit of creativity among academicians. Its board of directors has long been working diligently to make it a reliable resort for scholars who are in search of new ways to make a difference in the world of academia that yearns for a change.

AIAC Managment Team and Organizational Chart

The management team members of AIAC are all researchers, with years of editorial and research experience in their respective areas. Both AIAC presidents have PhD degrees in the area of Teaching English as a Second Language. Vahid Nimehchisalem is currently a senior lecturer in Universiti Putra Malaysia. Seyed Ali Rezvani Kalajahi is a postdoctoral fellow in Corpus Linguistics and he is also an associate editor for DOAJ. Rouhi Maher,PhD in Sport Psychology at Victoria University, is the resident public officer of the AIAC PTY.LTD. in Australia.  The advisory board members are established professor from varying disciplines. AIAC Journal managers are all experts in their respective areas. 

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The Australian International Academic Centre (AIAC) is an independent organization that specializes in

  • publishing high quality journals, proceedings, theses, and books, in both printed and online versions, across a wide range of academic areas;
  • providing a network for expanding the spirit of creativity and literacy in academia;
  • hosting international symposiums, conferences, seminars, and workshops;
  • publicizing conferences held by other institutions to its international members; and
  • detecting and supporting the hidden talents from all around the world.

Expanding the spirit of creativity and literacy in academia
Sharing wisdom and knowledge
Caring for the world’s hidden talents

Kindling the spirit of creativity in science and education

Creativity, integrity, exuberance, excellence