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Based in Australia, the Australian International Academic Centre PTY. LTD. (AIAC PTY.LTD.) [ABN:51-160-969-755 & ACN: 160-969-755] is a member of the Australian Publishers Association and an independent supporting organization specialized in publishing high quality journals, proceedings, theses, and books, in both printed and online versions, across a wide range of academic areas. AIAC is aiming to provide a network for expanding the spirit of creativity and literacy in academia.


AIAC provides publication services for scholars who are interested in sharing their original views, knowledge, and research findings with an international academic audience. It publishes academic journals, books, proceedings, and theses. Original and peer-reviewed research papers from all over the world are offered by the AIAC journals to their international readership.


Hosting international symposiums, conferences, seminars, and workshops is another objective addressed by AIAC. AIAC strongly values the synergistic and inspiring effect of such events on the community, and is highly interested in initiating them. AIAC can also publicize conferences held by other institutions to its international membership.


AIAC also supports scholarships and research grant schemes. The AIAC Golden Heart Account has been initiated to support these schemes. All the benefits made by AIAC excluding its maintenance costs are spent on financial support of hidden talents from all over the world. AIAC also provides grants for creative research projects.



  • Expanding the spirit of creativity and literacy in academia
  • Sharing wisdom and knowledge
  • Caring for the world’s hidden talents


Kindling the spirit of creativity in science and education


Creativity, integrity, exuberance, excellence


Authors are responsible for any personal viewpoint published in their works. Material published by AIAC do not represent its editors' views.






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